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About Tourist Attractions In Florida Facts Must You Know

Known as "The Sunshine State", Florida is very focused on the tourist trade. The beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Florida, along with some of the most famous theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. But some of the best State secrets are in a remote location from the tourist areas and well worth seeing. Regardless of the preference of Florida has something to offer for every type of tourist.

Tourist Attractions In Florida Facts

Florida name was given by Spain Explorer Ponce de Leon when he discovered the land in 1513. He originally called it Pascua Florida, meaning "flower of Easter."

Florida is the only State that has two rivers with the same name. There is a river of the Withlacoochee in north central Florida and the Withlacoochee River in Central Florida. They have nothing in common except for the name.

The Constitution of the State of Florida allows for pregnant pigs be confined in a cage.

Top Tourist Attractions in Florida

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is one of the southernmost of the Sea Islands, a chain of barrier Islands stretching from South Carolina to Florida. Amelia Island is home to Fernandina Beach, a shrimping village with charming 50 blocks of historic buildings, delightful restaurants and unique B & Bs and six golf courses.

Universal Orlando Resort

Is the top-ranked challenger to Disney, as the greatest of the Universal Studios theme park. The resort consists of two theme parks: Universal Studios Florida native and a second theme park, islands of adventure. Other attractions include a nightclub and restaurant complex, CityWalk, and three resort hotels.

Walt Disney World

Located in Lake Buena Vista near Orlando. It is also by far the largest resort and most visited Park in the world. Centerpieces are the four Walt Disney World theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Some visitors describe it as a fun place, magic and fantasy while others complain much, wit and unrelenting tackiness.

Lowry Park Zoo Florida Panther Embraces New Home

Federal and state wildlife officials said two years of the Florida panther is saved is now a permanent member of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. Officials say panther threatened cannot be released into the wild because of the behavior. He was arrested and removed twice from the nearby settlements after preying on pets, which established itself, people, and their pets at risk.

Lowry Park Zoo Florida

Puma Concolor Coryi name scientific. A variety of Florida, the main breeding range is currently the Caloosahatchee River South, but some females breeding North of the river. What do they eat? Carnivore: deer, another medium to small-sized mammals. Also known to take domestic livestock and pets.

Lowry Park Zoo created a permanent home for the young Florida panther who cannot be returned to the wild after being blinded by the blast of a shotgun. Beyond taking care of the victims of this amazing, Lowry Park Zoo Zoo expand the awareness of the public about the complex issues of the growing number of cats in the surrounding area.

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The endangered Florida panther embracing new home at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

Panther continued to show the same pattern of behavior, including preying on domestic pets and visiting residential areas. Officials say the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo decided to home panther, named "Micanopy," facilities. But it all hinged on one thing-how Micanopy up to Lucy, the Florida Panther population already live in Tampa Lowry Park Zoo.

Micanopy now shares habitat with Lucy, the Florida Panther population who have lived in the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo and can be seen by visitors to the Zoo with other native Florida wildlife.

Tourist Attractions In Amelia Island Florida Places To Go

Eight different countries reigned 13 miles long barrier island in Northeast Florida called Amelia Island. Being the only place in the United States assert this distinction, Amelia Island businesses are incorporating the theme "eight flags" as much as possible.

One of the things to do in tourist attractions in Amelia Island Florida (history and nature), eating fresh seafood, and was hanging out with some of the most artistic and unique in the United States. Avast ye, trolled the beaches again this hijacker than anywhere else in the United States. Who can say whether any home straight or buccaneer descendants still abound? Legend has it that pirates booty hidden somewhere on the island. Shiver me timbers!

Things To Do in Tourist Attractions in Amelia Island Florida


Kayaking on Lofton Creek highlighted the visit Amelia Island. Amelia Island Kayak Tours provide all the equipment and passionate, knowledgeable guides that enhance the adventure. 2-hour tour glide by Florida's gorgeous, natural, long-no housing development, traffic, or a commercial enterprise. Tannic acid runoff from decomposing vegetation that causes black water, Lofton Creek.


Amelia Island beach regularly appears on lists of the top beaches so you know they must be beautiful. They are! Amelia Island Beach width, white quartz sand has (feels great on the feet!), and, in certain areas, strong enough for 4 wheel drive vehicles to drive on (the beach, instead of feet). The city of Fernandina Beach lends the beach wheelchair for residents and visitors. How cool is that? Keep reading for a trip in McCool spoon where to find shark teeth. Yes, the teeth of sharks!

Departed sunset sailing

Sailing from the historic waterfront in Fernandina and cruise along the salt marshes and secluded beaches. It is not uncommon to see dolphins, turtles, manatees, and cranes along the way. Some cruise ships offer superb views of the wild horses roaming free on Cumberland Island. Amelia River Cruises guide with & Charters will enlighten you with local history and info about eco-system.

The Best Tourist Attractions Naples Florida Area

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. The sophisticated cultural city is located in the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida, a popular tourist destination. The main landmark of the town is the historic Naples Pier, great fishing destination and a place where you can sometimes see the dolphins are cute. Tourist attractions Naples Florida area, with the climate cool and calm sea, also known as the spectacular nature and great restaurants. Here are the best things to do in Naples, Florida.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Located in a magnificent tropical garden is planted in 1919, years before the animals come to the establishment. Today, tourist attractions Naples Florida area can walk along a paved road for nearly a mile past the 70 species of rare, beautiful animals living surrounded by exotic plants from their natural habitat. You will be close to everyone's favorite creatures, including lions, giraffes, monkeys, pythons, and bears.

You'll also get to admire some rare unusual creatures look like flesh-eating Asia and barking deer or fosas Madagascar. You can take a catamaran boat that will bring you to the island of Monkeys which are located on the man-made Lake, where the primates live their lives are noisy.

Baker Museum, Naples, FL

The Baker Museum is a museum of fine arts, highly acclaimed in Southwest Florida that features an array of modern and contemporary art. The three-story, 30,000-square-foot museum is home to a gallery of 15, which houses a number of world-class exhibitions, permanent collection, and traveling exhibitions.

The Museum also has a conservatory glass dome and space education resources. Designed by Albert Paley, the gateway to the museum of art in and of themselves, and three Dale Chihuly installation is dotted about the site. Dedicated to service and scholarship, The Baker Museum offers a large number of educational programs for all ages, including talks, lectures, workshops, classes, and the Symposium.